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i hope you will enjoy your self on the site.
The Edge server was first owned by maarten, he sold it to us for a fair price, now you can enjoy the max of "EDGE".

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Ranqe boi's Application

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Ranqe boi's Application

Post  Ranqe boi on Fri Mar 12, 2010 9:13 am

Name: Alex Michael Rohleder
In-game Name: Ranqe boi
Age: 16 (17 in April)
Expierience: I have played Runescape Since 2002 and started playing Pirvateservers 4 years ago so I know a lot about Private Servers and could I could introduce new idea's to the server from my expirience.
I am from: Sydney, Australia

If someone was spamming another server I would: A because it's obvious the character plays another server and has no interest in playing Edge-pk.

If someone said Fuck your Mother to me I would: A because 1 chance is enough and if muted he can still play the server.

If someone was pming me saying thy I would do: A or B if b is possible because it may be a scam but if it wasn't I would do my best to help the player.

If someone was telling me that they are a staff member and that I need to give them items or mute/ban someone I would do: B because i would know if he was mod or not and everyone deserves a warning

Comment out is: A and H

Additional Information: I have joined this server very recently and am already over level 90. I enjoy this server as it isn't just another d********* source and this server actually takes time to get up levels and gain good items unlike many other servers. I know alot about this server and would be a great help to player of this client. I have been a mod in other past servers such as W*********** and D*******. ( Dont want to type name of the server as other players might leave this awsome server to play them)

Ranqe boi

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