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Melissa's Staff Application.

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Melissa's Staff Application.

Post  Melissa on Wed Mar 17, 2010 12:40 am

your name:Melissa
Your in-game name*:Melissa
Your age*:14 (15 On April 25th)
Experince*:Owner, Co-Owner, Admin, Mod, Hidden Admin/Mod. Donater.
Where you come from*: Canada Ontario, Toronto!
What Staff Position? : Mod/ Admin It doesn't matter

on the "*" places you have to enter a "a,b,c,d,e ect."

What would you do if someone is spamming an other server.
A. Ban.
B. Mute

C. Mute + Jail 5k
i would do * cause:I would do b and a because, if someone is spamming another server on this one, i can mute them but if they have multiple accounts and lets say.. Syipkpker it can cause a loss of people. So Ban would also be another good explination to use.

What would you do if someone says: Fuck your mother!
A. Give him a warning, if he don't stop Mute.
B. Mute.
C. Ban
D. Give him a warning, if he don't stop Ban

I would do * Cause:The reason i would do A is because saying Fuck your mother wouldn't really offend me. Also think it is absolutely childish in a way. So there would be no reason to Ban, or mute ASAP

Someone is pming you with "heey, Playername scammed me! can i have my items back?"
You answer with:
A. No, i aint aloud to give items away.
B. I will ask the owner to look in the Trade-Log, tell me what you lost?
C. no response.

I would do *. Why i chose B is because i've known this for a long time and there is no reason for a Staff member to give items back to someone if they "supposably" got scammed their items. Also A would be my second choice because, either way Staff members aren't aloud to give items away and he can be lying or maybe he got himself into that mess earlier.

someone tells you he is an staff member and you need to give him items or ban/mute someone.
I would:
A. Just ignore him.
B. Give him a warning he shouldn't say hes staff else I'd jail him.
C. Listen to him

i would choose B, this is because when a person impersonates or says their staff, it may cause a problem to other players because some are stupid enough to believe them. But for Staff we should be smart enough to know who's staff and who's not. And We should share our undercover accounts between staff. So if a person had said that to me, i would Give a warning to him to shut it. And if he carries on i will jail/ban FOR IMPERSONATION.

wich of the following means comment out?
A. //
B. &&
C. ==
D. ++
E. --
F. /* text */
G. -* text *-
H. /* text /*
I. { text }
J } text {

* and *.

Do you got anyexperince with coding: No i have not had any experience but i do have experience in Staff for many years.

In what kind of script are servers coded:Java Script.

Do you know what a compiler is used for? if yes for what? Yes i do.
A Compile is used for lets say you need to change something up you will open your file. Go to Java or compiler in the file, and change the id's of an item or something else.

More information about me*: I am a very hard working staff member, i have had many experience with staff and i know the concequences and risks of being a staff member are. I would love to be a staff member in this economy because i know i can handle the criticism of others. Though i am new it doesn't change the fact that i am not responsible with this Power.
I would contribute good staff comments, No racism comments towards others. Try my best to resolve any fights. Build the economy. And most importantly make sure everyone is having fun and enjoys Edge-Pk.

Thankyou so much for looking and taking the time to read my application I hope you think about your conclusion with my application.

Thank you.

Love Melissa

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