Welcome on the website of "Edge" also known as "edge-pk.com"
i hope you will enjoy your self on the site.
The Edge server was first owned by maarten, he sold it to us for a fair price, now you can enjoy the max of "EDGE".

Good Luck Playing, and please register

i rang3r i mod app

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i rang3r i mod app

Post  i rang3r i on Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:58 am

1. Ingame Username: i rang3r i

2. What are you applying for? i am applying for moderator

3. How long have you been playing? i have been playing for a few days.

4. Why should we choose you? At least two Sentences: You should choose me because i help people on this server and show them what to do and how to get good items.

5. How would you benefit the server? Explain. Two Sentence Minimum: I will benefit the server by keeping players under control if they get abit rough, and keepin them from doing something stupid.

6. Some additional info about yourself: I am 15, my name is brenden i live in australia.

7. Will you be active after you take this responsibility? Yes, i am on this server everyday for about 3 hours a day and i am active on forums reading the updates and announcments each day.

i rang3r i

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