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killin smile's application for mod

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killin smile's application for mod

Post  killin smile on Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:08 pm

in game name is killin smile, im 12...i have alot of first-hand expirience with servers, ive had two of my own, one my friend owned, and the other i got accepted into. (and im just guessing what to do here....)

1. C
2. C
3. B
4. B
5. IDK
(still dont know)
yes, i have expirience, but im not extreeeemly good.
more stuff bout me: my brother is a coder...so i have some knowledge of coding and java, but im not as good as him. i could help if you guys with almost anything server-wise. and uh about the servers that ive hosted/been a part of staff, yes, my friend made me apply, and i was admin (at least) on all 4 of those servers. one last thing if it makes a difference, if anyone remembers 13arkscape(darkscape)508,(came out in like 2008 or 2007) i was co-owner of that server =)
Ki\_\_in smi\_e. Twisted Evil

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Re: killin smile's application for mod

Post  dutchy on Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:19 pm

there is a form wich you can fill in
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