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Pepper14's Moderator application.

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Pepper14's Moderator application.

Post  Pepper14 on Fri Mar 19, 2010 7:23 am

your name: James
Your in-game name*:Pepper14
Your age*:15
Experince*: Hmm, This is hard.
ive been staff on 200+ servers, easily.
I helped brent/sanity code obpk v1.
I was admin on obpk, then resigned.
And i have experience cause ive been playing rsps since, Uhh..
Where you come from*: i come from Rainier oregon, a small town but fun.

What would you do if someone is spamming an other server.
A. Ban.
B. Mute
C. Mute + Jail 5k
i would do (none)i would warn cause:
If i notice some1 is spamming i will warn them 1 time.
and 1 time only, and if they do continue, i will mute.
But if they are using syi or consistant, i will ip mute. WITHOUT a warning.

What would you do if someone says: Fuck your mother!
A. Give him a warning, if he don't stop Mute.
B. Mute.
C. Ban
D. Give him a warning, if he don't stop Ban

I would do A Cause: people can say stupid stuff, were all human and can say something and not mean it at all. Every1 says something stupid 1 point in there life, So id let him off with a warning.

Someone is pming you with "heey, Playername scammed me! can i have my items back?"
You answer with:
A. No, i aint aloud to give items away.
B. I will ask the owner to look in the Trade-Log, tell me what you lost?
C. no response.

I would do B Cause:
Sometimes it can happen, I will confront both of em, and ask the owner to check the trade-log
and if he did, i would give the player back his original stuff. (:

someone tells you he is an staff member and you need to give him items or ban/mute someone.
I would:
A. Just ignore him.
B. Give him a warning he shouldn't say hes staff else I'd jail him.
C. Listen to him
I would say exactly this...
"Dude, Stop impersonating staff, that aint cool.. If i see u do it again, i will mute you, This is a warning.."
wich of the following means comment out?
A. //
B. &&
C. ==
D. ++
E. --
F. /* text */
G. -* text *-
H. /* text /*
I. { text }
J } text {
* and *.
To be honest, i have no idea, i totally dont know. sorry if this interfers with me getting mod, i am rusty, and i just play and troll on rsps's.

Do you got anyexperince with coding:
Yes, I coded for a while, But my router blows now.
So i cant host ):

In what kind of script are servers coded:
mhm, java? or sql i dont remember, lol ): wish i did.
Do you know what a compiler is used for? if yes for what?
They are used to compile the server after u make changes.
duh. lmao.

More information about me*:
I grew up in a small poor town, in longview washington,
I never really had much, and was what people call "Poor" Cuz my dad had died, and my mom was a mother to 4, so it was hard on her. Then, My mom started dating after 4-5 years after my dad died. and starting dating a man name jim townsend, and after 3 years, she married him.
and we moved to rainier, and moved on, and now.. im farthest from poor, but i am really respectful, and responsible, I own up to what i do. I respect u if your poor/rich/ugly/smart/stupid/handsome. I honestly dont care, as long as you are respectful to me, I will be respectful right back.
Im not gonna lie, I do have anger problems... But i truly do not get angry unless u talk about my family, and even then, i dont do much, but if u continually do.. I will mute/ipmute you...

Well, This is MY app,


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