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Anti Scam guide

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Anti Scam guide

Post  m a u l z on Sun Mar 21, 2010 2:49 pm

In this guide i will help you prevent getting scammed if you dont want to get scamed you should pay close attention thanks.
1st. look at what your trading for atleast 30 secounds to make sure you want to trade that
2nd. If you arent sure about the prices ask around and compare prices.
3rd. Go to general store if the price is lower than that its 100% a rip..
4th. dont scam people because sometimes if you think your scamming them they might just be scamming you.
For example a guy you are trading with says dang this item is 100m but ill give to you for 90m and the item turn out to be 35m or if he says give me your money ill buy it for you. Another way to catch a scammer is if you see 2 ppl in far away distance sellign same item for about 5m difference there probly friends and it might be a scam for example then real cost is 15m but there like sellign 50m and 55m then they say o ill go down to 45m then keep going down till they get alot of profet but nothing under 15m.

hope this helped thanks for reading or should i say your welcome tongue

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