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Sarah- Ingame Mod App -Updated-

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Sarah- Ingame Mod App -Updated-

Post  Sarah on Sun Mar 21, 2010 5:56 pm

- Will check out the forum DAILY- Yes i will be checking it "Daily" as i do now.
- Vote atleast 1 time a day.- Yes I have voted each day and will keep doing so.
- Be online ATLEAST 20 Hours a Week (minimum of 14, but next week you must be atleast 20h on)-Im on way more then 20Hr a week Im on id say 4 or more hours a day.
- Be Fair to everyone, staff & Players- Yes I have been fair to everyone players from new to players who have been here sence start up and i shall keep doing so.
- Will not be jelous! **Can lead in to a staff war**- the person who gets the staff is the one who has earned it i am not one to be jelous of another if im not picked mod over someone else I would understand there was something better they have done for the server.
- Respect all other staff members- Id have to say i have given other staff a hard time but not for no reason yes i have said somethings to "dutchy" but id say ive gone with decent terms with all staff i have my times were i have to tell them something they might not like but rly no one is perfect and if needed to be told let it be told...
- Will be active in the Staff Forum. which can be found Http://www.edge-pk.com- Yes i have been active in ways i have reported all known bugs to forums or either staff over msn and more.
- Will Always handle fair.- Yes
- Will not abuse your staff position- No i will not i am not one to abuse / miss use my powers.
- Will help with as much as posible- Yes i have helped alot of people in the past and still helping other sence then
- Mods *Will always listen to players with a higher rank such as admin/owner/head mod/head admin
- Admins will always listen to players with a higher rank such as owner/head admin/head mod

I Agree to the terms of service: Yes/No
My staff application: Http://www.edge-pk.com
I want to earn the rank: mod/head mod/admin/head admin - Mod
i also agree to the staff rules which can be found
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