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@I qpure's application for admin and/or modeller/coder.---staff,can you read plz? I@

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@I qpure's application for admin and/or modeller/coder.---staff,can you read plz? I@

Post  qpure on Sat Apr 03, 2010 4:44 pm

Well,hello everybody!
I'm qpure...i have seen this server many times on the mopar status list and i thougth...
let's have a look at it!
So now you see...i like it very much!

I looked through some comments of other people's apps...and saw u need
to be experienced in the server...so not log on and apply.
I don't already play THAT long...but i know how the server works.

First this:
I'm very familiar with rsps and i code them too,wich i like.
I'm also familiar with staff positions on rsps,because,you can already guess...i had some server too!

So,let's get on with it!

your name:Quentin
Your in-game name*:Qpure
Your age*:15
Experince*:Like i already said...i am VERY familiar with staff positions on rsps!
Where you come from*:Belgium

on the "*" places you have to enter a "a,b,c,d,e ect."

What would you do if someone is spamming an other server.
A. Ban.
B. Mute
C. Mute + Jail 5k
i would do B cause:My opnion is that you need to mute a spammer first so he sees like:'okey,the staff is acive and doesn't want spammers on their server'...wich pretty normal.
If he/she continues spamming with multi-logging,then i would say IP-mute/ban.

What would you do if someone says: Fuck your mother!
A. Give him a warning, if he don't stop Mute.
B. Mute.
C. Ban
D. Give him a warning, if he don't stop Ban

I would do B Cause:
I think this is pretty clear for everybody...you or not going to punish someone without giving them the opotunity
to make up their mistakes.
If they don't...you can say they don't want to listen and obbey...so they need to take the
consequenses of it.

Someone is pming you with "heey, Playername scammed me! can i have my items back?"
You answer with:
A. No, i aint aloud to give items away.
B. I will ask the owner to look in the Trade-Log, tell me what you lost?
C. no response.

I would do C,cause:
This is a principe of mine...if someone is scammed...you first need to check if it's not from the same ip adres
and go have a talk with the ''scammer'' to loosen things,and if he realy is scammed,and their are no doubts...
---give his items back,they already need to work hard enough to get them.

someone tells you he is an staff member and you need to give him items or ban/mute someone.
I would:
A. Just ignore him.
color=indigo]B. Give him a warning he shouldn't say hes staff else I'd jail him[/color]
C. Listen to him

I would do B,cause:
Also this,is a kind of normal.
No staff inpersonisation,no matter what,it is also very easy to check it for if there may be doubts about this!

wich of the following means comment out?
B. &&
C. ==
D. ++
E. --
color=indigo]F. /* text */[/color]
G. -* text *-
H. /* text /*
I. { text }
J } text {

A and F,cause:

Do you got anyexperince with coding:
Finally this question,yes!
And i like it very much.
I can code special attack,add models,make items appear in items slots etc.etc.
But i am still learning!

In what kind of script are servers coded:
I don't use any programs to code.
I just use the .java and .cfg files (duh).
I suppose 317's are in java-script.
If it's not right what i said,i never think about it actually...i just do it,and well! cheers

Do you know what a compiler is used for? if yes for what?
Yes,a compiler is a ms-dos file wich is used to transfer the information in the .java files
to the .class files wich are in another script.

More information about me:
I will make it short...
I am a friendly,not furious person who handles things very fair for everyone,but gets mad if people
doesn't listen and/or break the rules!
I'm very social and mostly of the times,everyone on the server knows me afther a few days.
I am a boy...and before i forget to notice...i have a fabulous feeling for humour!
For the outside elements i can say...
Brown hair,brow eyes,1,75 meters,and a fair figure santa

I Agree to the terms of service: Yes!
My staff application:
I want to earn the rank:admin
i also agree to the staff rules which can be found


pk vid of my server wich is shut down a long time before so i am not advertising :p