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Welcome "join here"

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Welcome "join here"

Post  sweex on Thu Apr 15, 2010 9:02 am

Welcome to PIXEL PIRATES recruitment / discussion thread.

Clan activites:
1. God Wars Dungeon
2. King Black Dragon
3. Kalphite Queen
4. Dagannoth Kings
5. Pking
6. Pest Control

Clan Requirements / Rules:
1. Must be at least 110+ combat, or maxed as something else, e.g 99 defence, mage, range, hp - maxed tank
2. Must respect all clan members (and most players in general)
3. NO offensive language or discrimination of any kind to a clan member
4. Must be able to remember that it's only a game, don't get stressed if shit happens
5. NO welfare when doing pking events
6. NO stealing off any players (unless they are the type to thieve themselves)

Clan Leaders:



Trial Members:

If you would like to join, please fill in this application form:

Ingame Name:
Combat Level:
Estimated Bank Worth:

To be accepted as a member you must first turn up to at least 3 clan events, and at least 1 of them much be a PK event, and if we think you are a worthy member, you may become a full member

This part of the thread is devoted to Pixel Pirates Elite.

Pixel Pirates Elite will be made up of 5 of the normal Pixel Pirates members, only the best are chosen to join. PPE also have some seperate rules while they are doing events.


PPE Rules:
1. While on PPE events, they are seperate from normal PP members, meaning they are allowed to pk them etc.


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