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The Edge server was first owned by maarten, he sold it to us for a fair price, now you can enjoy the max of "EDGE".

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Pixel Pirates Rules

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Pixel Pirates Rules

Post  Zippy on Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:49 pm

Clan Requirements / Rules:

1. Must be at least 110+ combat, or maxed as something else, e.g 99 defence, mage, range, hp - maxed tank.
2. Must respect all clan members (and most players in general).
3. NO offensive language or discrimination of any kind to a clan member.
4. Must be able to remember that it's only a game, don't get stressed if shit happens
5. NO welfare when doing pking events (welfare is allowed, but frowned upon when pking solo).
6. NO stealing off any players (unless they are the type to thieve themselves).
7. If you leave the clan at any point, you can't come back ever.
8. Unless you have pre-formed a team when pking, attacking other PP members IS allowed.
9. Attacking other members alts IS allowed, that character is not a clan member and is therefore fair game.

Breaking ANY clan rune is an instant kick from the clan, once that happens you can never come back, ever.
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