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How to post your application.

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How to post your application.

Post  WebMagic on Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:21 pm


If you want to be an moderator/administrator please fill in this:
questions with a * mark have to be answered

your name:
Your in-game name*:
Your age*:
Where you come from*:

on the "*" places you have to enter a "a,b,c,d,e ect."

What would you do if someone is spamming an other server.
A. Ban.
B. Mute
C. Mute + Jail 5k
i would do * cause:

What would you do if someone says: Fuck your mother!
A. Give him a warning, if he don't stop Mute.
B. Mute.
C. Ban
D. Give him a warning, if he don't stop Ban

I would do * Cause:

Someone is pming you with "heey, Playername scammed me! can i have my items back?"
You answer with:
A. No, i aint aloud to give items away.
B. I will ask the owner to look in the Trade-Log, tell me what you lost?
C. no response.

I would do *.

someone tells you he is an staff member and you need to give him items or ban/mute someone.
I would:
A. Just ignore him.
B. Give him a warning he shouldn't say hes staff else I'd jail him.
C. Listen to him

wich of the following means comment out?
A. //
B. &&
C. ==
D. ++
E. --
F. /* text */
G. -* text *-
H. /* text /*
I. { text }
J } text {

* and *.

Do you got anyexperince with coding:

In what kind of script are servers coded:

Do you know what a compiler is used for? if yes for what?

More information about me*:

Please know these rules:

You Cannot BUY ANY KIND OFF STAFF! You can appeal & earn it, but NEVER in ANYCASE you can buy staff. trieing to do it can result into a jail!


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Re: How to post your application.

Post  dutchy on Sun Mar 21, 2010 3:15 pm

copy and paste this in a new topic don't reply!
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